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Classficiation Level Course Period
Corporate Finance Corporate Financial Accounting Basic First Steps in Accounting 1 month
Intermediate K-IFRS for Bankers 1 month
Financial Statements Analysis 2 months
Credit Analysis Basic Introduction to Credit Analysis 1 month
Intermediate Strategic Decisions to Lending 1 month
Credit Management for Insolvent Companies 1 month
Practices of SOHO Loan Reviewg 1 month
Advanced Loan Review and Credit Management 1 month
Marketing Basic Corporate Finance 1 month
Intermediate Marketing Practices for Retirement Pension 1 month
Personal Finance Wealth Management Basic Tax Saving Strategies for Individuals 1 month
Asset Management Knowhow for Rookies 1 month
Marketing Basic Branch Sales for Improving its Performance 1 month
Certified Bank Teller 3 months
Advisory Practices of Debt Security Investment 1 month
Intermediate Credit Card Marketing 1 month
Fund Consulting 1 month
Real Estate Investment Basic Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Consulting 1 month
Intermediate Real Property Tax Planning 1 month
Real Estate Investment Consulting & Tax Planning 2 months
International Finance & IB Basic First steps in Investment Banking 1 month
Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Basic Foreign Exchange Transactions 3 months
Export and Import Intermediate Foreign Exchange Specialist (Corporate Finance) 2 months
Advanced Case Studies in Foreign Exchange (Export/Import) 2 months
Case Studies in Foreign Exchange (Letter of Credit) 2 months
Law/Compliance Law Basic Financial Laws for Bank Tellers 1 month
Intermediate Case Studies in Depository Business 1 month
Practical Case Studies in the Law of Promissory Notes and Checks 1 month
Case Studies in Law on Credit (Contracts) 1 month
Case Studies in Law on Credit (Recovery) 1 month
Compliance Basic Introduction to Financial Consumer Protection 1 month
Intermediate Anti-Money Laundering 1 month
Business Management Basic Financial Literacy Education for Adolescents 1 month
Business Administration Basic Essential Financial Literacy for Sole Proprietor 1 month
HR/IT Basic Performance Evaluation to Motivate Your Team 1 month
Intermediate Mastering Excel Macros 1 month
Global Basic Basic Finance English Conversation 1 months
Basic Financial Business English 2 month
Understanding of Local Finance in Southeast Asia 1 month
Intermediate Financial Business English Writing 1 month
Financial Business English Conversation 1 month