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Distance Learning

Classficiation Level Course Period
Corporate Finance Corporate Financial Accounting Basic Corporate Analysis Using Financial Statements 2 months
Introduction to Corporate Financial Management 2 months
Introduction to Corporate Financial Accounting 3 months
Credit Analysis Basic Introduction to Real Estate Auction 3 months
Introduction to Industry Analysis 2 months
Introduction to Credit Analysis 3 months
Introduction to Loan Review 3 months
Technology Financing 1 month
Introduction to Corporate Restructuring 2 month
Intermediate Practices of Corporate Valuation 3 months
Practices of Real Estate Auction 3 months
Title Examination 2 months
SME Corporate Credit Analysis 2 months
Marketing Basic Introduction to Corporate Taxation 2 months
A Practical guide to Branch Marketing 2 months
Financial Services Marketing to Corporate Clients 3 months
Retirement Pension 2 months
Intermediate Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-Financial Advisor Ⅰ 2 months
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-Financial Advisor Ⅱ 2 months
Personal Finance Wealth Management Basic Personal Financial Planner (Financial Products) 3 months
Personal Financial Planner (Real Estate) 3 months
Personal Financial Planner (Taxation) 3 months
Introduction to Tax Planning for Individuals 3 months
Life Cycle Asset Management 3 months
Certified Retirement Consultant-Core 2 months
Asset Management : Portfolio Optimization 3 months
Financial Planner I 3 months
Financial Planner II 3 months
Intermediate Practices of Inheritance and Gift Taxes for Client Counseling 1 month
Marketing Basic Introduction to Personal Finance Counseling 3 months
Introduction to Financial Services Marketing 3 months
Integrated Marketing Strategies for Personal Finance 3 months
Sales Strategies for Investment Products 3 months
Introduction to Bancassurance 3 months
Introduction to Credit Card Operations 3 months
Introductory Practices of Lease Business 2 months
Real Estate Investment Basic Fundamentals of Real Estate 3 months
Intermediate Real Estate Law 3 months
International Finance & IB Basic Introduction to Investment Banking 3 months
Introduction to International Finance 3 months
Asset Management Porfolio Management Basic Introduction to Securities Investment 3 months
Introduction to Bond Investment 2 months
Derivatives Basic Introduction to Futures and Option 3 months
Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Basic Introduction to Foreign Exchange 1 month
Foreign Exchange 3 months
Intermediate Foreign Exchange Specialist (Personal Finance) 3 months
Export and Import Basic Introduction to Export/Import 3 months
Basic Trade English 2 months
Intermediate L/C(Letter of Credit) 3 months
Risk Management Basic Introduction to Risk Management 3 months
Law/Compliance Law Basic Laws for Consulting Private Clients (Household Credit) 3 months
Introduction to Civil and Commercial Laws 3 months
Introduction to Depositories Act 3 months
Introduction to the Law of Promissory Notes and Checks 3 months
Introduction to Law on Credit (Collateral Management) 3 months
Introduction to Law on Credit (Contracts generating a Credit) 3 months
Introduction to Law on Credit (Recovery) 3 months
Compliance Intermediate Certified Compliance Officer 2 months
Business Management Basic Branch Management 3 months
Intermediate Strategies and Practices of Bank Branch Management 2 months
Business Administration Basic Introduction to Financial Economy 3 months
Introduction to Banking Opreations 3 months
HR/IT Basic Practical Uses of Computer 2 months
Leadership Basic Leadership Development for Bankers 2 months