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In-Class Learning Programs

Classficiation Level Course Period Weekend Program
Corporate Finance Corporate Financial Accounting Basic Financial Management 5 days  
Accounting Principles and Financial Statements 5 days  
Intermediate Understanding IFRS 3 days  
K-IFRS financial statement analysis 3 days  
Case studies in Window Dressing of Financial Statements 1 day  
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis using Excel VBA 5 days Saturday
Case Studies in Financial Statement Analysis under Enterprise Corporate Accounting Standards 4 days  
Cash Flow Analysis and Case Studies 5 days  
Credit Analysis Intermediate SME Corporate Credit Analysis 5 days  
Loan Review 1 month  
SOHO Loan Review 4 days  
Credit Analysis 5 weeks  
Industry Analysis (Construction) 1 day  
Industry Analysis (Textile Chemical) 2 days  
Industry Analysis (Food) 1 day  
Industry Analysis (Transportation and Distribution) 2 days  
Industry Analysis (Electronics) 4 days  
Industry Analysis (Heavy Industry) 4 days  
Analysis for Right to NPL Real Estates 3 days  
Advanced Credit Risk Analyst Level1 Preparation 4 days Saturday
Credit Risk Analyst Level2 Preparation 4 days Saturday
Appraisal and Assessment : Collateral Acquisition 4 days  
Technology Financing 5 days  
Corporate Valuation 4 days  
Practices of Corporate Restructuring 6 days Saturday
Predicting Corporate Distress 3 days  
Case studies in Corporate Credit Analysis 3 days  
Real Estate Auction Analysis (Mortgage Disposal) 9 days  
Practical Case Studies in Credit Analysis (Construction/Real Estate) 2 days  
Practical Case Studies in Credit Analysis (Vehicle/Machinery) 2 days  
Practical Case Studies in Credit Analysis (Electronics/Telecomunications) 2 days  
Practical Case Studies in Credit Analysis (Shipbuilding/Steel) 2 days  
Practical Case Studies in Credit Analysis (Chemical/Pharmaceutical) 2 days  
Marketing Basic Introduction to Relation Management 4 days  
Intermediate Strategic Management of Credit Customers 5 days  
Practical Guides to Reinforcing Marketing and Sales Competency in Corporate Finance 3 days  
Development of Financial Products 3 days  
Retirement Pension Specialist 2 days  
Personal Finance Wealth Management Basic Introduction to Private Banking 3 days  
Investment Planning Practices 3 days  
Intermediate Certified Retirement Consultant-Master 4 days  
Retirement and Tax Planning 3 days  
Financial Planner 1 month  
Analysis and Practical Uses of Economic Indicators for PB 2 days  
Bancassurance Sales Strategies for PB 3 days  
Funds and Bancassurance Sales Strategies 2 days Saturday
Advanced Program for Private Bankers 3 weeks  
Global Wealth Management 4 days  
Advanced Practice of Private Banking 3 days  
Practical Case Studies for Retirement Consultant 3 days  
Marketing Basic Viral Social Media Marketing for Financial Services 2 days  
Non Face-to-Face marketing 2 days  
Intermediate Up-selling & Cross-selling Techniques 2 days  
Core Principles and Applications of Credit Scoring System 3 days  
Financial Counceling & Markeing Strategies based on Understanding Customer Types 3 days  
Principles and Practices of Retail Banking 3 days  
Retail Lending Risk Management 5 days  
Funds Marketing Strategies 2 days  
Real Estate Investment Basic Residential Real Estate Buying Guide 2 days  
Intermediate Real Estate Investment Consulting 12 days  
International Finance & IB Intermediate International Finance 12 days  
Building Capacity for Investment Banking 8 days  
M&A 6 weeks Friday evening & Saturday
Global Financial Market Analysis using Reuters 5 days  
Domestic Project Financing 5 days  
Overseas Project Financing 8 days  
Loan Syndication 3 days  
Real Estate Finance 5 days  
Asset Securitization 3 days  
Issue and Circulation of Covered Bond 3 days  
Marine & Shipping Finance 5 days  
Advanced M & A Financing 2 days  
Real Estate Finance for Professionals 4 days  
Assessment of SOC Project 3 days  
Assessment of Community Development Project 3 days  
Asset Management Porfolio Management Basic Financial Market Analysis 3 days  
Understanding Raw Materials Market 2 days  
Intermediate Private Equity Fund 3 days  
Investment Analysis using Excel VBA 5 days  
Asset Management 7 days  
Equity Investment Management 5 days  
Fixed Income Management 10 days  
Advanced Financial Engineering Program 9 weeks Wednesday evening & Saturday
Derivatives Basic Introduction to Financial Derivatives 5 days  
Intermediate Financial Derivatives 15 days  
Forward and Futures 3 days  
Swaps 3 days  
Credit Derivatives 4 days  
Option Trading 3 days  
Equity Derivatives and Equity Linked Structured Products 4 days  
Hybrid Financial Products 5 days  
Practices in OTC Derivatives 5 days  
Investment Strategies of Fixed Income and Interest Rate Derivatives 5 days  
Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Basic Foreign Exchange Transactions 10 days  
Intermediate Foreign Exchange 14 days  
Foreign Exchange for Credit Business 9 days  
Foreign Exchange Sales for Private Clients 5 days  
Corporate Currency Risk Management 5 days  
Advanced Case Studies in Foreign Exchange (Regulations) 5 days  
Export and Import Intermediate Practices of Export and Import 5 days  
L/C Documentation and Case Studies 8 days  
Risk Management Intermediate Risk Management 7 days  
Key Points of Basel Ⅲ 3 days  
Basel Ⅱ,Ⅲ & Strategies of Financial Institutions 3 days  
Basel Ⅱ,Ⅲ & Risk Management 3 days  
Advanced Counterparty Risk Management 3 days  
Law/Compliance Law Basic Basic Financial Laws 3 days Saturday
Law on Credit 1 month  
Acquisition and Management Practices of Right to Collateral Security 3 days  
Collateral Acquisition and Management 8 days  
Secured Transactions 2 days  
Civil Execution 10 days  
Trusts Act 3 days  
Debt Collection Management 4 days  
Understanding English Financial Contracts 7 days  
Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Act 4 days  
Advanced Case Studies in Law on Credit 5 days  
Compliance Basic Understanding Internal Control to Prevent Financial Accidents 2 days  
Intermediate Buiding Auditing Competency 5 days  
Advanced Program of Financial Consumer Protection 3 days  
Enhancing Internal Control Compentency 1 day  
IT Based Audit 5 days  
Improving Competency of Compliance Officers 4 days  
Business Management Basic Storytelling Presentation Using Prezi 3 days  
Practices of Fintech Business 2 days  
Intermediate Enhancing Presentation Skills 3 days  
Branch Performance Management and Evaluation 5 days  
Branch Management 3 days  
Advanced Finance Executive Program 20 weeks Wednesday morning
Pre-CEO Program 5 months  
Business Administration Basic Introduction to Data Analysis using Reuters 5 days  
Building Strategic Planning Competency 5 days  
Basic Statistical Analysis 10 days  
Intermediate Intermediate Statistical Analysis 5 days  
Building Negotiation Competency 3 days  
HR/IT Basic Introduction to HRD in Finance 3 days  
How to Use Microsoft Excel 5 days  
Intermediate Training Instructors 5 days  
Presentation Skills using Multimedia 4 days  
Global Intermediate Global Financial Leaders Program 5 months  
Practice of Overseas Expansion 3 days  
Regional Expert (Vietnam) 3 days  



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